Harry Ferguson Tractor Club of Australia Inc.


The Things We Do...

There are many different events that members involve themselves in throughout the year. The club magazine has details of these events and they are held in all areas throughout Australia.

Some of the favorite events for members are the ones where they are able to show off their restoration skills to the public by putting tractors and equipment on display at country shows, field days and steam rallies.  Members also like to drive their tractors around the place on outings called "tractor treks".  These treks can be a day or two in duration, but can also be much longer.  Every two years a major trek is conducted which is usually  a month in duration and may cover hundreds, if not thousands of kilometers. You may have seen media coverage of these treks which have included central Australia, Cape York, The great central road and Conney Sue Highways and more recently, the Dig Tree. 

Club members also enjoy using their equipment in the way that Harry Ferguson intended, particularly in ploughing events and the like.

Upcoming Events

November 17

Tractor Trek Woolamai Area

Russell Sanders 03 56782373

December 1 2019

Gippsland Christmas Lunch. Maffra Hotel followed by a visit to the Gippsland vehicle Collection

Alan Carpenter 0409 564 358

January 11 2020

Wonthaggi Show. All welcome

John Harris 0438635 286

January 19 2020

Lardner Tractor Trek

Wayne Notman 03 56261333

February 17

Gippsland Tractor Trek

Steve Humphries 0427394 305

February 2020

Rocklyn to Ballan Trek for a scenic look about

Graeme 0427 457 400

March 15 and 16

Nyora Working Horse Rally and Tractor Trek

Kevin Wylie 0428 863 150

March 2020

Wunghnu Trek. Saturday 30th from 10 am.

Peter Healey 0358299022 or 0458299466

April 2202

Mount Alexander Engine Club Rally Muckleford

Dave Bennett Reserve Muckleford

October 2 to 4 2020

NHMA National Tractor Trek Wedderburn

Neil Athorn

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