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Club Membership- starts here

Membership of the Harry Ferguson Tractor club is paid on a yearly basis with fees due on April 30th each year. A family membership includes a partner and children and/or grand children under the age of 18 years. At $70 this represents excellent value.  The price for a single membership is  $60. Members receive a quarterly publication of the club magazine, "Fergy Talk", which keeps everyone up to date on all matters within the club. Forms for membership are available as a PDF file.  Links to these forms are on this page

Members will receive renewal forms in the February edition of Fergy Talk, but for those who need it, membership renewal forms for members are available as either a PDF file.  Links are on this page

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Membership Secretary.  Contact details are available on this page.

Application for membership Renewal

Application for membership

Committee Nominations 2024-2025

Club Permit Registration Information for Victoria

Club Rules
The applicant must be a member of the Harry Ferguson Tractor Club.
The inspection for Ferguson and Massey Ferguson tractors over 35 years old.
On completion of a sati
sfactory inspection the scrutineer will complete and sing all necessary papers to be sent to the Club Registration Officer.
For you to comply with the requirements to register your tractor under the new club permit scheme, the tractor will need to be in a safe mechanical condition.
Clutch Operation.
e clutch must engage and disengage cleanly and does not hang on.
e Operation
The brakes must be adjusted correctly and operate evenly when the pedals are locked together.
Oil Leaks
No oil leads at the rear axle that may contaminate brake linings. There should be no oil on the linings.  There should not be any other oil leaks.

No free play in the steering box or steering adjustment.  Steering wheel to be in good condition. There is to be no or very little free play in any of the steering joints.
King Pins
Minimum wear in this area.
Wheel Bearings
Correctly adjusted
Tyres Front and Rear
res to be free of bulges or splits in the side wall and crown of the tyre. Tyres to be matched sizes front and rear.
If fitted they must work. On the 100 series which have lights fitted as standard, these lights must work,
Secured in battery mounting frame.
Safe start
This feature is required to be working as original with no modifications. ie must work from the gear lever on TEA and neutral start on all other models.
No visible fuel leaks at fittings. Piping should be steel or copper
General Condition.
Mudguards, bonnet, wiring and ignition switch to be in good order. The seat must be secure

On registration of the tractor, the owner must send the CLUB PLATE REGISTRATION NUMBER AND EXPIRY DATE to the Harry Ferguson Club Plate officer.
To be a part of the Club Permit Scheme and keeping with the theme of collecting and restoring historic vehicles, the tractor will be required to be as near as possible to original manufacture, with minimal modifications.





Please note that registration renewals for tractors on the HFTCA Club Plate scheme are to be forwarded to:

Alan Denny

Club Plate Scheme Registration Officer

P.O Box 115

BEACONSFIELD, Victoria. 3807.

Please include a stamped and self addressed envelope with your registration renewal.

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