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Club members will know and appreciate the expertise offered by our in house technical expert, Vern Finlay. Each quarter, Vern writes about a particular aspect of either Ferguson Tractors or implements in the club magazine, "Fergy Talk".  Additionally, he presents technical talks at the club shed at Lake Goldsmith as well as at other gatherings.  The links on this page will take you to some technical articles. More links to Vern's work to come.  Additionally, Vern would be happy to speak with people seeking help or information about their Ferguson equipment.  Contact details are available on the Committee page.  Just follow this link.


The One who knows..



1949 TEA Parts list

Ferguson Production Changes


What year is that Fergy?

One of the most asked questions of Fergy Club members is "How do I tell what year my Fergy is?"

There were 517 651 little grey tractors assembled, with production finishing in 1956. Petrol, diesel, Kerosene and Lamp oil models were made for different markets. (Check the link below, left for details). Their serial numbers, on a metal plaque behind the steering wheel, will let you know when your particular tractor was manufactured.  In addition, there are numbers cast into the transmission housing that will give you year and month, if you know what to look for.

Here is a list of serial numbers and year of production.

         1948: 20895
         1949: 77773
         1950: 116462
         1951: 167837
         1952: 241336
         1953: 310780
         1954: 367999
         1955: 428093
         1956: 488579
          Final: 517651

TEA-20 Serial Numbers:

This Tractor is a 1954 model

Verns Technical Articles from

Fergy Talk

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