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Cyril and His Best Mate

I am the proud owner of a Massey Ferguson 35 diesel tractor. I believe this tractor was born in Dersly, England on 27/7/1957. I first got to know Fergy when my good friend and neighbour Bill Murray bought it new from Hansford Motors, Mitchell, QLD in the late 1950's. Bill worked that Fergy on his property for about 20 years, until he retired in 1976. .I was the lucky bidder at his clearing sale, best $1500 I have ever spent. At the time I owned a sheep property in the Mitchell district. Fergy was my right hand man, making dams, grading roads, milling grain ect.

I retiired to Takura, just outside of Hervey Bay in May 1989. Naturally I took Fergy with me.

I now own a small hobby farm and Fergy helps me keep it neat and tidy,

Cyril Offer

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