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This is Noel A’Vard’s unbelievable tractor story.

Noel bought a new MF35X tractor from the Lilydale Massey Ferguson dealer in 1964 for civil and farm contracting work in the Emerald district where he lived. After working it hard for over 3,000 hours, this tractor was traded in on a MF135.

More than 30 years later, while Noel was farming at Jerilderie he attended a clearing sale in the district. At this sale Noel bought a tired & very sad-looking MF35 tractor. As Noel cleaned & repaired this tractor, he noticed repairs that were like those which he had done on his MF35X many years ago. He thought issues that brought about these repairs must have been a common fault with this model.

It was not until Noel recognized the repair, he did on the steering shaft just under the steering wheel many years before that he was certain that he had bought his old tractor. This tractor is one of Noel’s favorites & it has been fully restored & is worked regularly on his farm. This MF35X may now be in better condition than its owner.

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