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Doc goes Waltzing Matilda!

A Massey Ferguson 35? Not so fast! It is actually an IMT 539

Alan "Doc" Carpenter came into possession of this very unusual tractor, thinking it was going to be a nice little Massey Ferguson 35. It turns out to be a knock off from Yugoslavia where they were chosen because "they were easy for maintenance, easy to handle and they were maneuverable" Doc decided to name the tractor "Matilda" in a bid to Australianize the unit!

The IMT 539 was rated at 40HP. There was also another version the IMT 533 which was 35 HP.

Closer inspection of the castings show differences to the standard Massey Ferguson. Badge work is, unsurprisingly, also different.

Doc initially struggled with the number of oil leaks the tractor had but has now managed to stem the flow. For those who don't know Doc he has one trade mark action and that is to fit a tyre in reverse when a puncture is repaired. Naturally this happened on this unit as well!!!

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