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Eaglehawk Dahlia and Arts Festival

It was a bit of a tight fit to participate in the annual Eaglehawk Dahlia and Arts Grand Parade as I was heading off on the Sunday to meet up with Alan Finlay and the South Australian members participating in the Tolmer Gold Escort Trek, but it was well worth the effort. Although our club contingent was small, with only four drivers participating, we managed to pull off the best tractor entry prize that came with a $100 cheque! It was also Club Secretary Pauline Wilson’s first parade event so it was great that we had the win. I think it was a first for the parade we have had a female driver and it clearly paid off for the club. Ladies, time to get driving. I know that a number of the ladies participating in the coming Flinders Ranges Trek are keen to have some driving, and Pauline is among them. It was a well-attended parade with a couple of thousand spectators and the announcer gave a very positive account of the club to the crowd as we passed by.The drivers were myself on a TEF, Pauline on a TED, Wayne Forbes on his trusty TEA and David Ralton on a well turned out Ferguson 35 Grey and Gold

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