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Lets get some kids involved

The Committee has come up with a proposal that will hopefully get some younger people involved in the Club. It is intended to encourage them to participate in the restoration of three Ferguson TE20 series tractors that have been very kindly donated to the club by Neville and Jenny Carter. This would be done with club members providing direction and guidance through the restoration. We are currently negotiating with one school at present in order to set up a process to involve a group of Year 7-10 students in the restoration of one of these tractors and another will be restored by a young group that Lynsey A’vard has roped in at Goornong.

The third tractor is being offered up to any members that would like to organise a similar process in their area. If you are interested in exploring this with a school or youth group in your area, please contact me to let me know of your proposal. This is a club-wide initiative and there is no reason why a group of members anywhere could not get something like this going in their own areas. The club will endeavour to support such projects in any way we can subject to the usual financial, insurance risk and O.H. & S constraints.

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